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Study expenses
Study fees are different among different educational institutes. Fees are from $12000 to $30000 per annum. This difference relates to the educational institutes where public ones are cheaper than private.

In addition to some other expenses such as student services and activities and study needs like books, paper, note books, pens…where you can buy used books to reduce spending. Costs are from $700 to $2000 per year.

Living and accommodation costs
The cost of living in the United States will vary depending on which region of the United States that you live in and whether you live in an urban, rural, or suburban area. Expenses are between $900to $1300 per month, this difference depends on different instates rates and student choices between dormitories and private apartments. Also take into consideration other expenses such as electricity, furniture, Internet, Gas and water at the beginning. Generally some students choose shared dormitories to reduce the expenses.

It is recommended to purchase a medical insurance to cover any medical expenses that a student might need while staying in USA such as visiting a doctor. Medical insurance expenses are from $600 to $1200 per year.

You must take into consideration travel and personal expenses that is different according to different people, such as cloths choices and phones, etc… .
USA is unique with its fascinating nature and the diversity that every tourist feels the minute arriving to the airport where you can check the forests on the Atlantic Ocean and Piedmont hills and pastures in the Midwest and fertile plains stretching Midwest to west, and mountains in south west. This gave the country versatile climate where you can enjoy warm weather around the year in Florida, California and Hawaii states or snow skiing at Colorado or Alaska mountains.

USA has most important universities and colleges in the world, which makes it attractive especially for students and university teachers and researchers to pursue academic excellence. This made USA one the most dominant countries attracting students from all over the world to develop their skills and abilities starting with English language to PHD. USA is characterized by the huge number of language institutes which made the competition very huge to provide students with best experience, and here our mission is summarized particularly by providing advising and possible help for international students to get them best experience from every aspect. Language centers in USA do not provide only English language training, but also special activities and entertainment for students such as weekly trips to get to know the cities and American culture from close sight

In addition to hunting trips or visiting most important city marks that attracts tourists as well. You will live an amazing experience that will not be forgotten when joining one of those prestigious centers and we are here to help you.

Learn English in USA
If you are interested to study English in USA then we are prepared to help you where it is possible and provide personal advising about different study choices. We also provide the latest information about courses, educational institutes, travel and visa to make the study experience beneficial and fun.

What are the costs for language study and living in USA?
Language study in USA is not expensive compared to other countries, do not forget the fun and joy you will find with this experience as well. You can receive an offer that includes registration fees, study fees, accommodation and food fees, medical insurance and airport concierge fees for a starting amount of $2300 per month, or you can receive a full offer for 3 months which is best choice relatively to the cost which starts with $6900 in accordance to the different prices between different institutes.

What are the best language institutes in USA which are internationally accredited?
American language institutes aim to help you improve and develop your language skills whatever your needs or academic level are, the accredited institutes have certified teachers with high level of education, and some of those prestigious institutes are:

LAL, LCI English, Global village, Zoni Language Centers, LSI, and other famous American institutes that are spread around USA cities.

What are the conditions and procedures of acceptance?
All we need from you is a copy of your passport, general information and initial booking fees.

What are the advantages of living with an American family?
Accommodation is most worrying for international students before arrival to USA. Most of new students for language courses prefer living in a homestay with an American family a thing which adds to their experience and helps them to communicate better. All American hosting families are selected carefully to provide safety and convenient for students. You can live in a single room at a family homestay to guarantee privacy and you can have meals. Through this experience students get to know and learn traditions of the people and you will feel among a family of yours to be a source of attention for the family members, you will feel that the minute you arrive the airport and being received.

What is the required time to get a language offer and accommodation?
We are able to secure language offers within a day or two in addition to accommodation booking within the institute or external accommodation or homestay with a Canadian family for the length of the study in few days. And in one week we receive the required documents for visa sake.

What are the requirements and method to apply for language student visa in USA?
We are able to secure visas for students who are interested to travel and study English in USA within 2 to 6 weeks. You are able to get a tourist visa for those who are studying 18 hours per week or less which is a faster visa to get approval for, or a student visa for those who are studying more than 18 hours per week.

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لقد قمت ببناء محرك بحث عن برامج اللغة الأنجليزية في امريكا. يحتوي محرك البحث على معاهد اللغة الأنجليزية في كل ولاية, رسومها الشهرية, المتطلبات, وتفاصيل المحاضرات والدورات. يمكنك زيارة محرك البحث من هنا

في هذا الفيديو سنقوم بتزويدك بكافة المتطلبات والخطوات الصحيحة التي تمكنك من الحصول على قبول لغة إنجليزية في جامعة أمريكية، وتالياً أهم النقاط التي سنتحدث عنها بتفصيل دقيق في الفيديو :

1. سنتحدث عن الأوراق التي تطلب منك عند التقديم لقبول اللغة الإنجليزية .

2. سنتطرق أيضاً إلى قيمة كشف الحساب البنكي .

3.طرق إيجاد المعهد أو الجامعة المناسبة في أمريكا وطريقة التواصل معها .

4.سنتحدث أيضاً عن الطلبات الفرعية التي تطلبها منك المعاهد عند التقديم إليها .

5.الطريقة التي سترسل بها الجامعة أو المعهد أوراق القبول إليك بعد قبولك لديهم .

فيديوالتحضير لمقابلة السفارة عند الدراسة في أمريكا :

فيديو الحصول على قبول جامعي للدراسة في أمريكا :

تواصل معنا من المكان الذي تحبه :

البريد الإلكتروني :

فيس بوك :

تويتر :

إنستقرام :

لينكد إن :

أو قم بزيارة موقعنا على الإنترنت

كلمات مرتبطة :

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