The Liverpool School Of English

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Liverpool School of English is the largest and longest established language school in the wonderful, world-famous city of Liverpool. Since 1999, they have provided expert English language training in a stimulating and supportive environment. Liverpool is safe, friendly, and combines a small town feel with big city attractions. Located in the center of the city, the campus has convenient access to the sites that Liverpool is famous for. The school is situated in the Knowledge Quarter of the city, standing along side the John Moores University and the University of Liverpool. The modern facilities consist of 26 digital classrooms, 2 common rooms, 2 computer suites, a library, free Wi-Fi, and a beautiful garden. A dedicated social program coordinator is constantly putting together events and activities for students to participate outside the classroom, as the school believes making friends and unforgettable memories are an important part to having a fulfilling language study experience. Liverpool has great opportunities for these social activities. The city is home to great music and theater, has an impressive collection of art galleries and museums, has a culture that encourages sports and fitness, and has a vibrant nightlife. For students of all interests, the Liverpool School of English is sure to be a fantastic learning experience.

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