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Kaplan International’s English school in Vancouver is located in the vibrant city center. It is a well-established school with 24 years of history. The campus is a block away from shopping on Robson Street and is a 15-minute walk from the beach. Vancouver is characterized by its unique blend of city atmosphere and opportunities for outdoor adventure activities. Students studying at the Vancouver campus will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery that doubles as a cultural haven. The school is diverse, with students representing over 40 different nationalities. The average age of students is 26, but students as young as 16 may attend. A maximum class size of 15 students ensures that each student gets the personal attention they need from instructors in order to succeed in their studies. Teaching methods utilize innovative techniques and technology. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards that can incorporate various media forms with video and audio. The facilities themselves are comprised of classrooms, a computer lab with online access and the latest learning software, and a student lounge that has microwaves, vending machines, TVs, and plenty of space to relax. A bulletin board in the student lounge helps students stay up to date on the latest school events. Vancouver’s library is available to students and can be reached by a ten-minute walk. The main Skytrain station is just two blocks away, making public transportation easy and convenient. The Vancouver Kaplan International English school is accredited by Languages Canada and holds a Designation Certificate from the Private Training Institutions Branch.

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يقع معهد كابلان في مدينة فانكوفر الساحلية والتي تتميز بإطلالتها البحرية، وأبنيتها ذات الطابع العصري والحديث، ويقوم المعهد على توفير أفضل بيئة تعليمية بأفضل المعايير، حيث يحتوي على 14 غرفة صفية، وبألواح تفاعلية ذكية للتعليم والدراسة، ومختبر حاسوب موصول بخدمة الإنترنت المجانية، ومكتبة، وصالة للدراسة، بالإضافة لصالة لتجمع الطلبة للنقاش والحوار، ويوفر كذلك إمكانية وجود خدمة النقل من وإلى المعهد، ويوفر المعهد رحلات ميدانية أسبوعية لخارج المعهد لعدة مناطق مجاورة لاستكشاف المدينة وما حولها، بالإضافة لتعزيز قيم الاندماج وكسر حاجز اللغة، ويقوم المعهد بتوفير طاقم أكاديمي محترف يعزز مهارات الطلبة اللغوية والمعرفية.

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