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Education First combines language training, cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel to provide educational courses and programs that transform dreams into global opportunities. While millions of students come from around the world every year to study in the UK, Education First is one of the most popular student destinations. With EF, students can choose an intensive course to speed up their learning, or take it slow with a leisurely course that gives them time to enjoy the local sites and attractions. The combination of small classes, experienced teachers, interactive learning methods, and multimedia learning tools all help students learn effectively. However, while classroom practice is great, EF believes one of the best ways to learn English in is to go out, enjoy meeting locals, and get exposed to the culture. The Education First campus in Bristol accomplishes this by organizing activities and excursions for students. There are many attractions and festivals in this city rich with maritime history. You will be able to attend a play at the Royal Theater, one of England's oldest buildings, visit restaurants, attend the latest artists' events, or watch larger events at the Coliston Hall. You can also get to know the history of the city by visiting the newly opened Museum of Im Shed, where the exhibitions focus on Bristol's industrial history. Football, rugby, and cricket are among the most famous sports in the region, so you'll find plenty of teams to root on. Cultural events and pleasant times wait for you if you choose to study English in Bristol.

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إديوكيشن فيرست - إي اف الطالب العربي الذي يدرس في بريستول ، ستكون لديه مجموعة من الفرص الذهبية للاستفادة من اقامته بهذه المدينة ، سواءا فى اشباع هواياته المختلفة فى الفنون او الرياضة او الثقافة او القراءة ، او حتى الاستمتاع بعصرية المدينة وحداثتها ..وكلها بالتأكيد ستضيف الى ثقافته وعقليته الى جانب كفاءة الدراسة الاكاديمية التى يتلقاها فى جامعات المدينة

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